Membership Terms & Conditions

Below FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) present the details as well as the terms & conditions of the Cool Rewards Membership Program.


How do I sign up as a Cool Rewards Member?

To become a new Cool Rewards Member, simply click “Sign Up As a Member” on the Membership page of the Swensen’s Chatbot and complete the online registration form. You must use a unique and valid email address as login ID. Membership is free and for life. One person may register only one membership account. No pre-qualification is required for new Cool Rewards Membership sign up.

You can apply to be a Cool Rewards Member if you are above 13 years of age. Upon logging into the membership account on Swensen’s chatbot, a parent Cool Rewards Member can register and link his/her children of age 4 – 12 to be Cool Rewards Junior Members using the “Add Child” function.

Do I need to pay any membership fee?

Cool Rewards Membership is free.

Why do I need to use the Swensen's Chatbot?

You can track your Rebate$ earned and redeemed, manage your membership profile and receive/redeem eVouchers with just a click on your smart phone, anytime, anywhere. eVouchers for free item redemptions are marked with “MOBILE” and can only be redeemed using Swensen’s Chatbot at the table upon placing your orders. You will also need to present Cool Rewards Membership within the chatbot for the collection/redemption of Rebate$ and other eVouchers at the cashier upon bill settlement.

How do I speed up the selection of year of birth during sign up?

Please click on the year number at the top of the calendar and a list of years will drop down for your selection.

How do I redeem complimentary drinks as a Cool Rewards Member?

Just flash and redeem your complimentary daily drink eVoucher upon food ordering and be served with a free freshly brewed coffee, tea or soft drink. You can also choose to upgrade to a beverage of your choice by just paying $1 upon redeeming the eVoucher. Limited to one drink eVoucher redemption with food orders per member per day.

Complimentary daily drink eVouchers are available for Cool Rewards Members and Cool Rewards SuperStar Members, excluding Cool Rewards Junior Members.

How do I collect Rebate$?

Cool Rewards Members earn 30 cents of Rebate$ for every $10 spent in a single receipt for purchases made at Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets in Singapore. Your eMembership Card must be presented at the cashier during bill settlement for Rebate$ collection. Only one Cool Rewards Membership number can be attached to each bill for the collection of Rebate$.

Rebate$ will be awarded to a Cool Rewards Member even if there are other discounts/promotions in the same bill. Collection of Rebate$ must be made at the point of bill payment as the award of Rebate$ cannot be backdated after the bill has been closed.

Please note that Cool Rewards Rebate$ can be collected when Swensen’s Gift Vouchers are being redeemed but not at the point of purchase of the Gift Vouchers. Event bookings are not eligible for Rebate$ collection/redemption.

How do I upgrade to be a Cool Rewards Superstar?

Advance to SuperStar status when you spent a total of $1,000 within 12 months and enjoy a higher tier of 40 cents of Rebate$ for every $10 in a single receipt. Be rewarded with a 1Kg Swensen’s ice cream cake upon achieving SuperStar status. Maintain your SuperStar status with $1,000 spending every 12 month cycle and continue to get higher Rebate$ and an ice cream cake every time you renew your SuperStar status successfully.

How do I sign up for my kids as Cool Rewards Junior Members so they will enjoy a free sundae every month?

For Members with kids between 4 and 12 years, you can register your children with the Swensen’s Chatbot by linking their Junior Membership Accounts to either or both parents using the “Add Child” function. Junior Members will get to enjoy a free Junior Member’s Sundae every month when they dine with us. Just present and redeem the Complimentary Junior Member’s monthly Sundae eVoucher on Swensen’s Chatbot upon food ordering to enjoy the special treat every month. Valid for dine-in Junior Members with food purchase. eVoucher terms apply.

Parent Cool Rewards Members can access and manage their linked Junior Members’ account(s), including Kid’s Meal Stamps and Junior Members’ eVouchers, by just logging into the parent’s own Cool Rewards account using Swensen’s Chatbot.

Can a child sign up as a Cool Rewards Junior Member without a parent?

No. A child between 4 – 12 years is eligible to be registered as a Cool Rewards Junior Member only after one parent has signed up as a Cool Rewards Member. The parent Cool Rewards Member will then be able to register for the child using the “Add Child” function on the Swensen’s Chatbot.

What happens when Junior membership expires?

All balance unredeemed Kid’s Meal Stamps will expire when the Junior Membership expires. On their 13th birthday, Cool Rewards Junior Members will be converted to be a full-fledged Cool Rewards Member.

How do Junior Members collect Kid’s Meal Stamps?

Junior Members can collect one stamp with every Swensen’s or Earle Swensen’s Kid’s Meal purchased. Hit 15 Kid’s Meal Stamps and get a complimentary Earthquake Sundae eVoucher in the eWallet. You can check the number of stamps collected on Swensen’s Chatbot after logging into the membership account. Just present your kid’s Junior Member eMembership Card on the Swensen’s Chatbot upon bill settlement for the collection of Kid’s Meal Stamps.

Collection of Kid’s Meal Stamps must be done at the point of bill settlement as award of stamps cannot be backdated after the bill has been closed.

Can Junior Members collect Rebate$?

Junior Members are not eligible for collection of Rebate$. A parent Cool Rewards Member can collect Rebate$ upon bill settlement. Only one adult Cool Rewards Membership number can be attached to each bill for the collection of Rebate$.

What are the birthday month specials and festive discounts for Members?

Cool Rewards Members who have their date of birth registered with us can look forward to double Rebate$ and complimentary birthday eVouchers in their eWallet during birthday month. As a Cool Rewards Member, you will have daily free sundae eVouchers which can be redeemed when you dine with us during your special month. eVoucher terms apply. Members will need to present NRIC upon request for the redemption of birthday offers.

Both Cool Rewards Members and Cool Rewards Junior Members will receive eVouchers for 20% discount off birthday ice cream cakes. These eVouchers will be issued on the 1st of the preceding month and are valid for 2 months till the end of the birthday month. They are only valid for in-store redemptions and not for online/phone orders. Members will receive emails and/or notifications on discounts for festive products and seasonal offers. Please refer to eVoucher terms for details.

Complimentary Firehouse Happy Birthday Sundae on Cool Rewards Member’s birthday is not valid for takeaway. Please present NRIC or birth certificate (for children) and eMembership card upon ordering. Cool Rewards Junior Membership applies to children of age 4 to 12 years only. Swensen’s reserves the right to amend offer terms and conditions without prior notice.

How do I redeem Rebate$?

Cool Rewards Members can redeem their Rebate$ as discounts to be knocked off against spending before service charge and GST, so no service charge and GST will be charged on the discount amount. Redemption of Rebate$ collected from a current bill is valid for redemption on the next visit. Redemption of Rebate$ is not valid in conjunction with other discounts, vouchers/eVouchers, gift voucher purchase or promotions in the same bill. Splitting of bill/table is not allowed. Please present your eMembership Card on the Swensen’s Chatbot at the cashier upon bill settlement to redeem your Rebate$.

When will my Rebate$ expire?

Rebate$ is valid within the Membership’s current period (12 months from renewal date). A further grace period of 3 months is extended to unredeemed Rebate$ collected within the current period. All unredeemed Rebate$ upon expiry of the grace period will be null and void. No replacement/credit of expired Rebate$ will be available so please redeem your Rebate$ before it expires. You can easily track the expiry date of your Rebate$ by logging into your Membership account using Swensen’s Chatbot.

How do I redeem eVouchers?

For eVoucher redemptions of complimentary menu items/beverage upgrade at the table, Members must present their eVouchers on Swensen’s chatbot upon food ordering. Press the eVoucher “REDEEM” button in front of our server when you are placing orders. Please note that presentation of NRIC at the table will not be accepted.

Except for daily free drink/$1 drink upgrade, use of eVouchers is not valid in conjunction with other discounts, vouchers and Rebate$ redemption in the same bill. Please also refer to individual eVouchers’ terms & conditions on Swensen’s Chatbot before redemption.

For % discount or $ value discount eVoucher redemptions, Members must present their eMembership Cards on Swenesen’s Chatbot upon bill settlement.

eVouchers are valid with in-store purchases only and are not applicable for online/phone orders.

Is membership transferable?

The Cool Rewards Membership and individual Members’ privileges/entitlements are non-transferable.

Why do I need to use a unique and valid email address as login ID?

Each Member needs a unique and valid email address as login ID during sign up. This email address will be used for receiving reset password link, eVoucher notifications and other membership related information. One person can only hold one Cool Rewards Membership/Junior Membership.

What are special occasions?

Special occasions refer to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Youth Day, Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day.

Consent on personal data

By registering for a Cool Rewards account, you agree that ABR Holdings Ltd may collect, use and disclose your personal data as provided in the membership registration/sign up form, or as obtained by our organization as a result of your membership, for the following purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and our data protection policy available at (a) the processing of your membership application; (b) the administration of the Cool Rewards Membership; (c) for receiving membership news, updates and marketing materials relating to Cool Rewards Membership promotional offers and privileges via emails and text messages.

You may access and correct your personal data by logging into your Cool Rewards Membership account using the Swensen’s chatbot or email to You may also email us if you wish to withdraw from the Cool Rewards Membership Program.

Consent on membership program terms & conditions

By registering for a Cool Rewards Membership account, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Cool Rewards Membership Program. You confirm that information provided during membership sign up/profile update are true and correct. Cool Rewards Membership Program management reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions of the program. Rewards, benefits and/or eVoucher entitlements may be withdrawn or changed at the sole discretion of the management from time to time with or without prior notice. Staff of ABR Holdings Ltd are not eligible to join the Cool Rewards Membership Program. The management reserves its right to cancel any Cool Rewards Membership account if there is suspected fraud or ownership of multiple memberships under the same person.

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