Dragon Boat Festival Special

An ensemble of one-of-a-kind rice dumpling ice cream, perfect for celebrating Dragon Boat Festival with your loved ones. Available in E-Store, in-stores and delivery platforms.

Pulut Hitam Rice Dumpling Ice Cream 90g

A returning crowd favorite! This dumpling ice cream features the purple rice ice cream speckled with black glutinous rice bits, reminiscent of the sticky rice in a traditional ‘Zongzi’. Its outer shell made of chocolate, delicately dusted with edible gold dust. Cut into a surprise salted egg chocolate bon bon at its heart. 


Pandan Coco Rice Dumpling Ice Cream 90g

Indulge in nostalgia with a modern twist! Embark on an aromatic journey with the Pandan Coconut ice cream, a reminiscent of the traditional Nonya dumpling wrapped in fragrant Pandan leaves. This creation is encased in a chocolate shell, dusted with edible gold dust. Complemented by a delightful salted egg yolk bon bon in the center.


Kueh Salat Rice Dumpling Ice Cream 650g

Prepare for a grand surprise! Unwrap layers of tradition with the Kueh Salat Rice Dumpling Ice Cream, a giant-sized dumpling coated in a full golden chocolate shell. Featuring two luscious ice cream layers, from the bottom layer of butterfly blue pea coconut ice cream to the top pandan with coconut ice cream, encasing not one but three decadent salted egg bon bons. It’s not just an ice cream—it’s the greatest dumpling ever, astounding taste buds with every bite!


Available for dine-in and takeway (sold in a pair for 90g). Prices are inclusive of GST and subjected to service charge for dine-in. All food images are for illustration purposes only. The management reserves the right to amend the offer without prior notice. Offer while stocks last.

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