Irresistible New Baked Rice Dishes

Discover our new irresistible Swensen’s Baked Rice Dishes, available now in outlets and delivery platforms. 

Japanese Katsu Curry Baked Rice

New! Savor the tender boneless leg chicken katsu, perfectly breaded with fresh crumbs and fried to a golden crisp. This oishii katsu is nestled on a bed of fluffy Japanese rice, all smothered in Japanese curry. Topped with a sprinkle of furikake and adorned with pink ginger for a refreshing finish.


Shrimp Doria Baked Rice

New! Creamy béchamel sauce infused with the sweetness of shrimps, broiled to perfection with a golden crust of mixed cheeses. Underneath the luscious béchamel lies a bed of flavorsome savory rice. Each serving is topped with three succulent prawns and a sprinkle of furikake.


Carbonara Smoked Duck Baked Rice

New Recipe! Indulge in an eggy, cheesy, creamy sauce with flavorful smoked duck baked rice!


*All food images are for illustration purposes only. The management reserves the right to amend the offer without prior notice. Prices shown exclude GST. Offer while stocks last.

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