Celebrate Christmas with Swensen’s

Gather around the table for a holiday feast! Whether celebrating together or apart, let our delectable Christmas food and Christmas ice cream cakes fill your home with joy and laughter. View our Christmas Catalogue here.

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Christmas Set Packages

Christmas Set Packages are available for home delivery and self-collection only.

Christmas Food

Meat Platter

The great meaty indulgence – Consists of tender braised beef cheeks, grilled chicken breasts and chicken sausages. Served with sides of steak cut fries, hickory BBQ baked beans, grilled tomato, corn cobs and grilled capsicum. Paired with tangy mustard sauce. Available for dine-in and home delivery. $42

Seafood Platter

Get ready for a fabulous seafood feast that serves up seabass fillets, salmon fillets, succulent king prawns and scallops. Accompanied with steak cut fries, grilled tomato and corn cob. Available for dine-in and home delivery. $42

Herb Roast U.S. Turkey

The timeless centerpiece – U.S. Turkey steeped in a marinade perfumed with herbs and spices. Savory, aromatic and bright, this show-stopping roast pairs perfectly with cranberry sauce and a side of chestnut stuffing. (3.6kg to 4.5kg before roasting). Available for home delivery and self-collection$138

Roast Beef

Mouthwatering and tender Roast Beef seasoned with a variety of herbs, djon mustard, and pepper, complements well with a zesty black pepper sauce. (1.5kg before roasting). Available for home delivery and self-collection$89.90

Herb Roast Chicken

Our tender and juicy Roast Chicken has its flavors enhanced by herbs and spices. Perfectly paired with creamy mushroom sauce. Available for home delivery and self-collection$45

Honey Glazed Chicken Ham

An all-time favorite dotted beautifully with cloves and brushed with aromatic honey and roasted with herbs. Complements well with tangy pineapple chutney. Available for home delivery and self-collection$48.90

Lamb Shank Shakshouka with Garlic Sourdough Bread

Tender and smoky lamb leg stewed in a rich and flavorful tomato based sauce. Served with Garlic Sourdough Bread, dip it into the sauce for a satisfying meal. Available for home delivery and self-collection$48

Lamb Shank Korma with Garlic Sourdough Bread

Creamy braised lamb leg in korma curry paste, seasoned with aromatic spices. Bringing you a mildly earthy taste. Served with Garlic Sourdough Bread. (2 – 3 pax). Available for home delivery and self-collection$48

Impossible™ Shepherd’s Pie

Dig into hearty Shepherd’s pie stuffed with juicy IMPOSSIBLE™ meat and creamy mashed potatoes covered with parmesan cheese. A meat-free option. Available for home delivery and self-collection$38

Christmas Fruit Salad

A refreshing and vibrant mix of mesclun salad, mandarin oranges, pitted prunes, peach, dried cranberries, pistachios and crumbled feta cheese. Tossed with light and refreshing citrus vinaigrette. Available for home delivery and self-collection$22

Herb Roasted Vegetables

This colorful palette serves up brussels sprouts, capsicums, carrots and red onions. Finely roasted with oregano and thyme, topped with a sprinkling of feta cheese. Available for home delivery and self-collection$23.90

Truffle Roast U.S. Potatoes

Generously sprinkled with truffle oil, the U.S. potatoes are twice-roasted to achieve crisp exterior and fluffy interior. Tossed with Chef’s seasoning, truffle paste and fresh parsley. Available for home delivery and self-collection$23.90

Christmas Chicken Waffles

Presenting to you the ultimate comfort food – Crispy and juicy boneless chicken leg drizzled with luscious maple syrup, paired with savory fluffy waffles. Perfect for sharing! (Sharing 4 – 6 pax). Available for home delivery and self-collection$38

Carbonara Baked Macaroni

A remake of the classic Carbonara Baked Macaroni with melted duck fat for a burst of unami flavors. Comforting macaroni baked with smoked duck and mixed cheeses, topped with parmesan crumbs, crushed peppercorn and fresh parsley. Available for home delivery and self-collection$29.90

Garlic Sourdough Bread (Half Loaf)

A delicious twist on traditional garlic bread, the Garlic Sourdough Bread is fragrant with plenty of parmesan cheese, fresh parsley and savory garlic flavor. Crisp and crusty on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside. Available for home delivery and self-collection$19

*All food images are for illustration purposes only. The management reserves the right to amend the offer without prior notice. Prices are inclusive of GST. Offer while stocks last.

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