Terms & Conditions

Validity Date
- Membership is valid for 1 year from date of issue.

- All benefits/offers are not valid with other promotions / offers / discounts / festive products.
- Bonus points cannot be accumulated for purchase of Swensen's gift vouchers and festive products.
- All members' benefits/redemptions are only valid upon presentation of your Cool Rewards membership card.

- Report on discrepancy, if any, between number of bonus points credited into membership account and actual guest check spending must be made within 2 months from the date of purchase, after which we regret that no adjustment to bonus point balance can be made. 

- All benefits, terms and conditions may be amended without prior notice at the sole discretion of ABR Holdings Limited (ABR), and we shall not be held responsible for any loss of points due to unforeseen system errors.

- Members may withdraw from Cool Rewards membership scheme upon informing ABR.

Processing Lead time
- Please allow about 4 to 6 weeks for receipt of your Cool Rewards card after application. Applications without the compulsory information duly completed might be delayed.

Loss/Replacement Card
- Cardholder shall inform ABR Holdings Limited immediately of any loss of their card. An administration charge of $10 will be imposed for all cards replacement.

- The Cool Rewards card is strictly non-transferable and members must produce identification upon request.

Renewal of Card
- Auto renewal of 1 year will be granted on all cards with a minimum accumulation of 100 bonus points. The accumulated bonus points can be used for regular redemption.

Expiry of Bonus Points
- All unredeemed bonus points will be null and void upon the expiry of the card. No replacement/credit of bonus points will be allowed.

- If the membership card is renewed, only bonus points collected within 3 months before membership card renewal will be automatically carried forward to the following year. All other unredeemed points will be null and void. No replacement/credit of expired bonus points will be allowed.

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